To self hosted and back again


One of the goals of Talos, as a company, is to help make secure installation and operation of Kubernetes easy (or at least simpler). When we first started Talos, we were good citizens of the Kubernetes world: we used kubeadm for cluster installation. The idea of a common tool for all Kubernetes installations sounds good, […]

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Talos on ARM64 Single Board Computers

Talos OS

It has been almost two years since Talos was first announced to the world. ARM support was almost immediately a feature request. At the time the project had major features missing that needed to be implemented before we could even think about Talos on ARM. Only after forming a company, hiring a kick ass team, […]

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Announcing Talos OS v0.7!


The new release of Talos OS, our modern operating system for secure Kubernetes hosts, is out! Version 0.7 includes updated releases of Kubernetes (version 1.19.3) and Linux (5.9.3). Major new features include: ARM support: ARM-based images are now built for all cloud platforms. Want to run a secure Kubernetes cluster using Talos OS on AWS […]

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When you are in a fight, sometimes you take one on the chin. In the case of CVE-2020-14386, we may not have taken one on the chin, but it was a hard body shot. One of the goals of Talos OS is to help everyone run secure Kubernetes. The kernel of Talos was vulnerable, but […]

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