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Talos v0.5 Released!

Talos 0.5 has been released with some exciting new APIs, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Production ready, not yet feature complete.

Andrew Rynhard
Wed May 27 2020
Talos 0.4 Released!

Talos 0.4 has been released with a range of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Andrew Rynhard
Tue Apr 28 2020
Building Arges Part Two - A New Tool for Kubernetes Bare Metal

In this post, Spencer Smith shows how to deploy the Arges management plane and use it to provision other Talos clusters.

Spencer Smith
Wed Apr 01 2020
Building Arges Part One - A New Tool for Kubernetes Bare Metal

In this post, Spencer Smith introduces Arges, a new cluster management and bare metal deployment tool for Kubernetes and Talos, and talks about the process of designing the home lab used to prototype and build it.

Spencer Smith
Wed Apr 01 2020
Talos 0.3 Released

The wait is over. Version 0.3 of Talos is out! This release is jam packed with goodies, but the thing I am most excited about is the stability we have gained. Throughout the course of the development cycle of v0.3 of Talos, we have worked with our community on getting Talos polished for production use.

Andrew Rynhard
Mon Jan 20 2020
Talos and KubeCon 2019

The Talos Systems team and I attended KubeCon 2019 in San Diego a few weeks ago. It was my first KubeCon and I was stunned by the scale and scope of the conference. It reminded me of some of the recent AWS re:Invent shows: the crowded hallways and the jam-packed show floor seemed out of proportion for a software platform that's barely 5 years old...

Timothy Gerla
Thu Dec 12 2019
Talos 0.3 Beta Released

I'm happy to announce that we have reached beta for our v0.3 release! We have some exciting changes in this release that I'm thrilled to share. In this post I will give an overview of the changes coming, but, for a more exhaustive list, see the changelog.

Andrew Rynhard
Mon Dec 09 2019
Talos 0.2 Released

We are happy to announce that Talos 0.2 has been released! We are very excited about this release, since it builds on some of the architectural improvements we have been working on for a while, and will give us a great foundation to implement some really interesting functionality in 0.3 and the future.

Andrew Rynhard
Fri Oct 04 2019
Can't Touch This: Immutable Systems for Kubernetes Hosts

The big idea: the traditional methods of systems management starts with a series of identically configured systems, say, your fleet of web servers or load balancers. Over time, though, the state of these machines diverged from each other because of package upgrades, configuration changes, and so on...

Timothy Gerla
Mon Sep 09 2019
Clusters All The Way Down

Howdy folks! I'm Spencer Smith, a software engineer here at Talos Systems. Today I wanted to spend some time writing about an upstream Kubernetes project called Cluster API (CAPI). I think it's one of the most exciting things being worked on in the community and is going to be a big deal for Talos clusters specifically as time goes on.

Spencer Smith
Tue Aug 06 2019
Talos: A Cloud Native OS

While I was eating lunch with my daughter the other day, I overheard a conversation that reminded me of the old days of infrastructure management and design. “...we’d need to find a port to use”, “but then it’d take two weeks to get a server.” “...then our security team needs to do their thing.”...

Brad Beam
Wed Jul 17 2019
Launching Talos Systems

Talos is a modern, API-based operating system for Kubernetes, and our goal is to make deploying a Kubernetes environment as repeatable, secure, and consistent as possible. It's Linux-based, and we've removed all of the legacy stuff you don't need, and implemented a series of tools and APIs to focus the OS on one thing: running Kubernetes.

Timothy Gerla
Tue Jun 25 2019