Talos 0.2 Released

Fri Oct 04 2019
Andrew Rynhard

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We are happy to announce that Talos 0.2 has been released! We are very excited about this release, since it builds on some of the architectural improvements we have been working on for a while, and will give us a great foundation to implement some really interesting functionality in 0.3 and the future.

What's new?

  • Kubernetes v1.16 and Linux 5.2: Talos aims to track upstream Linux and Kubernetes as closely as possible. Talos 0.2 ships with Kubernetes v1.16 and Linux 5.2. With Talos, you are never stuck on an old version of Kubernetes.
  • More immutable and more secure with SquashFS: Talos now runs entirely from a read-only SquashFS filesystem running entirely from RAM. This prevents bad actors from tampering with your hosts, even if they gain console access.
  • Machine Configuration Improvements: Our machine configuration file used to seed configuration to newly-booted Talos nodes has been simplified.
  • Stability Improvements: A lot of work has gone into performing extensive stability testing of Talos. 0.2 is the most stable release yet.

For more details, read the full 0.2 release notes.

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