Talos 0.4 Released!

Tue Apr 28 2020
Andrew Rynhard

Hello everyone! We have just released version 0.4 of Talos, our modern operating system for Kubernetes. This release includes a number of new features, some major stability and performance improvements, and an expanded test suite for greater robustness across a range of infrastructure. For all of the details, please see the changelog.

Name change: osctl is now talosctl

For clarity, we have changed the name of the CLI tool that interfaces with Talos clusters from "osctl" to "talosctl".

To download talosctl, go to the releases page on GitHub.

New Features

We have made numerous improvements to the local cluster creation functionality, which allows you to run a small Talos cluster on your laptop or workstation.

Local cluster creation now supports:

  • Firecracker micro VMs in addition to the previous support for Docker. (read the docs)
  • Configurable exposed ports for Docker-based clusters (-p or --exposed-ports flags to talosctl cluster create)
  • Support for registry mirrors (see the RegistriesConfig section in the machine configuration)
  • Support for using local configuration files with Docker-based clusters

Other new features include:

Updated Components

In keeping with our goal of remaining up to date with the most recent versions of Kubernetes and the Linux kernel, Talos 0.4 ships with the following components:

  • Kubernetes 1.18
  • Linux v5.5.15

Other Changes

  • Major stability fixes, including improvements to the upgrade process.
  • Performance improvements and expanded functional and integration tests.

Try Talos

If you are interested in trying Talos, check out our Getting Started guide! You can set up a test cluster in a local Docker environment in just a couple of minutes.

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We’d love to talk to you about the project. Join our community to chat with us on Slack, join the mailing list, and check out the source code at GitHub.

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