The Talos Container Platform

Talos is an engine for building simple, secure, and automated container platforms. It offers features such as:

  • A minimal, immutable, and ephemeral base OS.
  • Atomated operating system upgrades upgrades.
  • Auto-deployed "vanilla" Kubernetes clusters.
  • Powerful APIs for automating OS management tasks.
  • Flexibility and consistency across multiple types of environments.
  • Built using modern technologies.

On the roadmap, we are building:

  • Automated Kubernetes upgrades.
  • Automated CIS Kubernetes benchmark enforcement.
  • Extensibility via OS plugins.

These features offer businesses a defensible, security centric framework for quickly scaling and maintaining resilient systems.

Talos is built on top of a new type of Linux distribution reimagined for distributed systems and container orchestrators such as Kubernetes. The OS is built from the ground up to be API-driven, immutable, secure, and modern.

On top of the OS, we automatically deploy Kubernetes in a "vanilla" configuration to be secure out of the box. The platform also includes a collection of controllers that automate common management tasks that are time consuming and cumbersome.

Use Cases

Custom Kubernetes Platforms

Talos is a great starting point for a custom Kubernetes platform for internal PaaS providers or managed Kubernetes services.

Highly Regulated Environments

Our security posture is ideal for highly-regulated environments. We support for air-gapped systems, and our architecture makes compliance faster and cheaper and reduces the number of components to patch and update.

Mixed Infrastructure

Talos runs on all major public cloud providers, virtualization, and metal. Use the same tools and processes to manage your systems no matter where they're running.

Development-to-Production Workflow

Talos is ideal for developer workstations, supporting both Firecracker micro VMs and Docker containers. This will give you consistent tooling and the same base OS through the entire app lifecycle from dev to prod.