Vanilla Kubernetes at the edge

Talos OS runs everywhere you want to run Kubernetes – and that includes the edge.

With support for the ARM platform, and a variety of SBCs (single board computers), Talos OS will give you the same secure OS and hardened Kubernetes on edge devices that you get on bare metal or clouds.

Want to run Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi? Or Kubernetes on a Pine64? Or a Libre Computer or Banana Pi? Check.

You get exactly the same secure, minimal, immutable Talos OS operating system on all platforms, and the same vanilla, secured Kubernetes. And you can manage all platforms uniformly with the Talos API and talosctl.

Running Kubernetes on the Raspberry Pi or other SBCs means that powerful and. flexible clusters can be created cheaply for learning environments.

These devices can also be used to process data at the edge, where a large amount of IoT or sensor data may be collected, and it is more efficient to apply Machine Learning or other data-intensive computations locally. This both reduces data transmission load, and reduces latency. It can also improve availability, allowing edge computing to continue despite connectivity issues with the core.

Utilizing the exact same OS and Kubernetes distribution for all deployments – edge, data center, virtualized, cloud, bare metal and developer workstati0n – speeds the development workflow and agility. It also ensures operational management is consistent, tested and stable through the application lifecycle.

Running Kubernetes at the edge with Talos OS..

Talos OS is an Open Source project from the Talos Systems team.

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