Talos Platform Features

Talos is mostly open source, but some features are available only with a commercial license. We also offer support and professional services including custom consulting, development, and training.

If you are just getting started with Talos, or need extra help with your open source deployment of Talos and Kubernetes, we are offering a Starter Kit package with ticket and Slack-based support for small installations.

Open Source Starter Kit Production
Operating System
Open Source, API-Managed Operating System
Automatically Configured and Deployed "Vanilla" Kubernetes
Latest Stable Linux Kernel
Secure and Defensible Default Configuration
Developer-friendly Docker and Firecracker deployment model
Platform Management
Consistent Deployments Across Clouds, Virtualization, and Metal
Virtualization Platform Support
Bare Metal Provisioning
Cluster API Providers
Basic Upgrade Controller
Enterprise Upgrade Controller with Scheduling and Sequencing (early access when available)
Security Operator (early access when available)
Services and Support
Community Support via Slack and discussion forums
Dedicated Slack channel and screen-share troubleshooting
Business Hours Support (ticket-based, no SLA)
Production Operations Support (ticket-based, 8x5 business hours SLA)
Subscription Pricing
Open Source Starter Kit Production Support
$72 USD
flat rate per month up to 64 total cores
$300 USD
per core per year
+50% for 24/7
Volume discounts apply, and if a per-core model doesn't work for your business, contact us and we can talk about other models.