A secure, immutable platform for Kubernetes.

A reimagined operating system. An API driven datacenter.

Running Kubernetes in a production environment is complex, time-consuming, and difficult to operate securely. Talos is a modern platform designed specifically to host Kubernetes clusters, running a flexible and powerful API-driven OS for kubernetes.

Talos eliminates or automates platform management tasks such as OS upgrades and configuration for security conformance, and provides a consistent, secure, and flexible experience no matter where your Kubernetes clusters are running: cloud, virtual, and bare metal.


Talos OS is fully immutable from bootup to shutdown, SSH and console access are replaced with encrypted API calls, and no unneeded dependencies or services are installed.

Operational Stability

Prescriptive, immutable infrastructure - keeps running the way you deployed it. Installs and upgrades are repeatable, programmable and simple. Your SREs will thank you.


Talos is consistent even if your Kubernetes environment spans multiple platforms, simplifying operations and enabling automation. You can focus on the needs of your applications instead of dealing with infrastructure issues.

Comprehensive Platform Support

Secure Kubernetes, Everywhere

No matter where you run your infrastructure, Talos gives you a consistent and secure operation, deployment and management experience.

Run Kubernetes on AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, VMware, Bare Metal, Packet – even your own laptop – securely and easily with Talos.

The Talos platform automates the installation and management of multiple Kubernetes clusters, making it easy to get clusters going in any environment – even bare metal! Learn how Sidero makes it easy to install Kubernetes on bare metal.

Talos is built on top of a new type of Linux distribution reimagined for Kubernetes. The Talos OS is built from the ground up to be API-driven, immutable, secure, and modern. Learn more about the Talos OS.

On top of the OS, Talos automatically deploys Kubernetes in a configuration that is secure out of the box. The platform also automates common time consuming and error prone management tasks.

These features offer businesses a security centric platform for quickly scaling and maintaining resilient systems.

Immutable OS

A minimal, immutable, and ephemeral OS ensures Talos provides a known secure base for kubernetes. No shell or SSH access reduces attack surface and enhances operational stability.

Automated Upgrades

Automated operating system upgrades, done in an atomic fashion, ensure you are current with latest features and security.

Deploy K8s easily

Roll out a configured-for-security Kubernetes cluster easily and consistently

API driven management

Powerful APIs allow for automating OS management tasks, such as provisioning and diagnostics.

Consistency across environments.

Talos works on AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, VMware, Bare Metal, Packet, ARM computers, even laptops and SBCs like Raspberry Pi for Kubernetes on the edge. Ensure your operations are the same no matter where you run.

Built using modern technologies

Talos uses Go and gRPC for powerful development and automation.

Talos is ideal for...

Bare Metal Kubernetes

Sidero, part of the Talos platform, can remove the headache of getting a Kubernetes cluster up on bare metal, automating the provisioning process.

Highly Regulated Environments

Our security posture is ideal for highly-regulated environments. We support air-gapped systems, and our architecture makes compliance faster and cheaper, and reduces the number of components to patch and update.

Mixed Infrastructure

Talos runs on all major public cloud providers, virtualization platforms, and bare metal. Use the same tools and processes to manage your systems no matter where they're running.

Development-to-Production Workflow

Talos is ideal for developer workstations, supporting both Firecracker micro VMs and Docker containers. This will give you consistent tooling and the same base OS through the entire app lifecycle from development to production.

Internal Cloud

Talos is a great starting point for a custom Kubernetes platform for internal PaaS providers or managed Kubernetes services.

Operational Stability

The immutability of Talos OS, and the lack of shell and ssh access ensures there are no errant changes, eliminating human errors in upgrades and maintenance - the most common reason for outages.


Your appetite has been whetted. Now what?

Try Talos Now

Quickly get a Talos environment up and running in a local Docker container for dev and test. For production deployments, Talos supports most cloud platforms, bare metal hardware, and virtualization targets.

Join Us

Talos is open source, and we would love to have you join us. Do you want to contribute code or documentation, have questions about Talos, or have suggestions for us? Find us on SlackGitHub, and Google Groups

Learn More

Read more about the Talos platform, and how a radically better OS for kubernetes can add value and security to your operations. You may also want to dive in to some blog articles.

Talos is the purest implementation of the machines-as-cattle design ethic I've seen, something I greatly appreciate. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.04.17 PM
Cloud Native Engineer
Secure Access company

Talos makes our infrastructure immutable - which makes our operations much more reliable.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.08.11 PM
Telecommunications company

Talos gives us consistency through our development cycle - from the developers' laptops to staging to production, they all run the same code. This has greatly reduced operational impacts on deployment.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.10.37 PM
Senior Techops Engineer
Network Monitoring Company

Talos provides the rock-solid confidence of a tiny self-updating,
immutable host OS. Kubernetes on Talos just works: in the cloud and on baremetal.  Being purely
API-driven, it's a breeze to construct powerful control systems for everything.

Seán C McCord
CEO, CyCore Systems, Inc


Questions? Need help? Send us a message! We’d love to talk about your Kubernetes project and how Talos might be able to help you. You can also email us at info@talos-systems.com or find us on Slack