Talos is a secure container platform for Kubernetes.

Operating Kubernetes in a production environment is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to operate securely. Talos is a modern container platform designed specifically to host defensible Kubernetes clusters, managed by a flexible and powerful API-driven OS.

Talos eliminates or automates a lot of platform management tasks such as OS upgrades and configuration for security conformance, and provides a consistent, secure, and flexible experience no matter where your Kubernetes clusters are running: cloud, virtual, and bare metal.

A description of the basic Talos architecture.

Why Talos?


Talos is fully immutable from bootup to shutdown, SSH and console access are replaced with encrypted API calls, and no unneeded dependencies or services are installed.


Talos is consistent and familiar across your environment, which allows you to reduce the management and tooling burden, even if your Kubernetes environment spans multiple platforms.


Talos simplifies your architecture and reduces change friction. You can focus on the needs of your applications instead of dealing with infrastructure issues.

Next Steps

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Quickly get a Talos environment up and running in a local Docker container for dev and test. For production deployments, Talos supports most cloud platforms, bare metal hardware, and virtualization targets.

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